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Integralmédica 8-Loss Powder 200g 76404 70%
8-Loss Powder 200g 76404 Integralmédica

R$ 33,38

R$ 111,25

3x R$ 11,13

Energy Drink

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Descrição + Description +
8-Loss Powder.
Thermogenic Blend.
Innovative option for your pre-workout, which brings together 8 ingredients with complementary properties in a single multi-action form. One of the highlights is Caffeine, recognized as an aid in increasing energy and the willingness to practice physical activities.
Packing: Bolw containing supplement in the form of powder.
Net Weight: 200g [NET WT: 0.44lbs].
- Store away from light, heat and moisture.
* Children, pregnant women, the elderly and the sick: consult a doctor before consuming the product.
* Consumption with alcohol is not recommended.
- Suggested consumption: Dilute 1 Scoop (5g) in 200ml of water, preferably chilled. Consume 15 minutes before training or as directed.
- 800 mg Taurine; 35 mcg Chromium; 70 mg Caffeine; Ginger, Palatinose, Glucorono-lactone and Inositol.
- Flavor Energy Drink (Limited Edition).
Objective: Increase Energy, Thermogenesis and Fat Burning.
Integralmédica Dexadrine 60 Capsules 76412 50%
Dexadrine 60 Capsules 76412 Integralmédica

R$ 53,05

R$ 106,10

3x R$ 17,68

60 Caps

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Descrição + Description +
Dual-Action Thermogenic Formula.
The daily dose of Dexadrine (2 capsules) contains 55mg of Pimenta and 300mg of Caffeine, a mix that stimulates the metabolism in a natural way, increasing the energy expenditure, besides favoring the disposition for the training. The formula is completed with Psyllium, a fiber that promotes a sense of satiety, helping your clients follow a diet fit for definition goals.
Dexadrine combines a powerful thermogenic action to promote satiety in the DUAL ACTION system, designed to create a favorable fat burning environment.
Packing: Bolw with 60 Capsules.
Net Weight: 39g [NET WT: 0.09lbs].
- Keep away from light, heat and moisture always with the lid tightly closed. Keep out of the reach of children.
* Pregnant women, nursing mothers (nursing mothers), the elderly and those who are sick should consult a doctor or nutritionist before using this product.
- Suggested consumption: Consume 2 capsules per day or according to professional guidance.
- 300 mg Caffeine; Psyllium (fiber); 55 mg Pepper; 55 mg Ginger.
Objective: Increase Energy, Thermogenesis and Fat Burning.
Integralmédica Cocktail 2 Doses MR0014 50%
Cocktail 2 Doses MR0014 Integralmédica

R$ 18,70

R$ 37,40

3x R$ 6,23


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Descrição + Description +
Cocktail 2 Doses.
It has capacity for 400 ml, compartment for 2nd dose and Blender Ball, guaranteeing the preparation of Shakes in a faster and more homogeneous way.
Product 100% National. BPA Free.
Transparent with Black and Red cap.

Compartment in Black color.


With more than 30 years of history, Integralmédica was the pioneer in sports supplementation in Brazil and, from the first moment, it imprinted a mark of innovation and excellence in production and research. Its premium quality products carry the DNA of a company highly committed to performance, health and wellness. Sponsoring prestigious athletes, entities and events (IFBB, NABBA, Arnold Classic, WBFF, among others) over the years has won the respect and admiration of thousands of consumers and fans, making it the most awarded company and absolute leader of the national market. Learn more about our lines and products, and discover what the # 1 in sports nutrition in Brazil can do for you!


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