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Shirt Labellamafia Cross Training Forest Soldier


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Shirt - Ref: FBL11820


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Shirt - FBL11820

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R. Azevedo Soares, 1340 - São Paulo

(11) 94156-9782

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Al. dos Nhambiquaras, 497 - São Paulo

(11) 94156-3689

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Descrição Description

Shirt Labellamafia Cross Training Forest Soldier.

Dark Green Color.

Black silk on the front and back.


Piece washed to cause slight fading.

* Model wears size P.

Composition 91% Viscose and 09% Elastane.

Ilustrative Photo. All rights reserved.

Brand Labellamafia. Unbroken Collection 02.

With a military footprint, the T-Shirt Cross Training Forest Soldier was designed for women who have Cross Training as passion.

Driven by the strength and exuberance of nature, the LBM UNBROKEN line presents three key elements in this collection: metal, storm and forest. Each of them is responsible for inspiring a part of the stamping of the collection. Iron (metal) lends all its strength and structure to super-resistant parts with appeal. Storm (storm) brings attitude and claw to high-performance clothing. Forest provides strength and vitality to a mix of comfortable and functional parts.

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