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La Mafia Gray Rhino Shorts


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Shorts - Ref: HBE12417


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Shorts - HBE12417

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Tatuapé: mapa

R. Azevedo Soares, 1340 - São Paulo

(11) 94156-9782

Moema: mapa

Al. dos Nhambiquaras, 497 - São Paulo

(11) 94156-3689

Descrição Description
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Descrição Description

La Mafia Gray Rhino Shorts.


Black waistband with drawstring to tie.

With button on the waistband.

2 pockets back and 2 pockets on the front.

inner lining in small screen Preta.

Collection that meets the demands of contemporary man.

Fabric comfortable and ergonomic modeling, which provides freedom movements.

mutable and functional piece that fits the time and the need for daily life.

modern and asymmetrical cut.

* There may be changes in the pattern due to tissue cutting position.

All rights reserved. Ilustrative Photo.

Composition 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

Brand: Lamafia. Summer Collection 2017.

#short-male #lamafia
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